Electric Vehicles

Workplace Charging: A Plug-in Advantage

January, 2019

Jeffrey W Lehman, PE
Customer Energy Solutions Lead
​American Electric Power

Want to reward your employees with an energy-saving incentive that also benefits your company? Provide your electric driving employees with options that will allow them to charge their cars while they work. With one million electric cars on the road in 2018, forward-looking companies are installing workplace charging systems to keep up with the growing trend of electric cars. They’re also preparing to power their own company fleet cars as a significant part of the trend toward energy savings and sustainability.

Sustainability is a corporate benefit

Many companies, especially large corporations, have established sustainability goals, including reducing their carbon footprint. One measurement used in calculating sustainability is the combined carbon footprint of your employees commuting to work. Electric cars have zero emissions, so with workplace charging, you’re taking almost five metric tons of CO2 off the road with every car you charge. Since the savings of workplace charging is an incentive for employees to switch to electric cars, each new electric car represents a big contribution toward your sustainability goals. And it’s also the socially responsible thing to do: you’re helping reduce air pollution in the communities where you and your employees live.

A powerful incentive for employees

In a tight job market, attracting and retaining talent can be challenging. For the connected, tech-savvy individuals leading the charge with electric cars, workplace charging is an appealing added incentive — not only because fuel savings make a big difference to their wallets, but also because workplace charging tells them they’re working for a socially responsible company committed to sustainability and clean air. Today’s workforce is attracted to and tends to stay with progressive companies that share their values and accommodate changes in technology.

You may have an incentive to charge

At least two dozen U.S. states now offer tax breaks or incentives to companies that make their workplace charging stations open to the public — with many smog-sensitive cities and counties willing to kick in extra to build up their regional charging infrastructure. Your local electric utility can help you find these financial breaks. With metered charging station models and payment options, public charging can also help offset some of the cost of your electric bill.

Workplace charging can complement and support fleet charging and the transition of your vehicles to greater efficiency and lower costs. When charging your electric cars, fleet at your workplace, your company gets the same major cost savings as your employees — multiplied by every car you own.

All the recharging you need

Electric car manufacturers and utility companies are making huge strides in faster battery charging. And your choice of workplace charging stations depends on your fleet and/or employee needs. Your utility company can help you implement a charging solution that will work for your business, including any wiring or electric improvements needed, and identify any potential incentives which may be available for installing and permitting.

If you’re ready, we can help you build your future today with workplace charging.